In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lost and found

Sometimes there are certain things that happen that appear to be coincidence, but is really the Hand of Hashem.
We don't know why certain things happen, and why some things don't. But we should remember that He is always there. Sometimes concealed, and sometimes revealed.

"Stop That Cab"
By: Anonymous
Jerusalem, Israel

I have a habit of checking my pockets whenever I exit a cab, to be sure that I haven’t forgotten anything. Today, as I departed from the cab I patted down my pockets and sent the cab on his way thinking all was well. A moment later I decided to make a phone call (I just happened to decide that I needed to make a phone call at that moment?). I reached into my pants pocket and ‘lo and behold’ NO PHONE. I looked up the road and saw that the cab was stuck at a red light about 200 feet ahead. (It just happened to be red?) I dashed over to the cab, opened the door, retrieved my phone, and thanked G-d!


Devorah said...

Great story!

Thanks for sharing!

smb said...

you're welcom