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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How do you parent

That Asian parenting article in Time magazine got me thinking.

What kind parent are you? A strict parent, permissive or in between?

I would be in between. I believe in giving both structure and love. Children need to have bounderies and learn from a young age good behavior etc so they learn responsibility and understand that there's consequences. But they also need love and joy in their life. Especially, if we are trying to pass down our heritage, they should enjoy it so they want to keep it, plus also learn why it's important.

What do you do?



Mystery Woman said...

Don't we all like to see ourselves as in between?

smb said...


In actuallity, some people are and some are not. I'm usually a middle person with many things in life

Devorah said...

MW-you make a good point. But it's important, no matter which way you teach/dicipline your children, that they love Judaism with all their heart and soul - and that comes from the home!