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Monday, February 14, 2011

Enhancing the couple relationship

I've been reading some really good tips from a certain marriage book, to prepare and know what I need to know. With the info I read a while ago from other things and this info from recently, I figured I would share it to help others. A lot of it is stuff we know, but it's a good reminder.

-Each spouse should focus on their own responsibility so they both accomplish what they need to do. And if one spouse is not able to do something that day, it's okay. Sometimes you might be doing more than the other. And other times, they might be doing more. But you should both just focus on doing the best you can.

Show appreciation to each other at different times to encourage each other and uplift.

Let each other know what you need/want since people are not mind readers. :)
And try to work things out patiently.

If the person is going through a hard time, be understanding, patient and supportive of them.

Pray to Hashem to help you both with shalom bayis and to deal with challenges productively and with emunah. Learn together how to do this.

hatzlacha :)


Devorah said...

That's very good advice.

Also, here's a great book - I'd recommend it to every kallah. It's called Dear Daughter and is written from the perspective of a loving father giving advice to his daughter before she gets married.

There's also a book for the guy called Dear Son - maybe your other half can read it!

Wishing you much hatzlacha preparing for the big day...and for the rest of your lives together!

smb said...