In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peace talks won't do it

It's interesting how there are peacetalks with different politicians, and afterwards there's Parshat Haazinu which mentions something about this, I'll say afterwards.

This Parsha mentions how we went astray, and afterwards we see the effect of that. It's like when a kid goes to wild party and gets waisted on beer and stuff, and then they face the consequences. We want to do whatever and it's fun for awhile, but then we need to face the music. Just like our parents give us instructions for our benefit, so too, Hashem gives us instructions for our benefit. - Remember that besides feeding our body, we also need to feed our soul and keep it nourished and strong.

This parsha speaks also about how we trust in those that can't give us peace and redemption. But to no avail. People try, but can't seem to bring about peace. Peace will come when we realize that Only Hashem can give us peace and redemption. The roadmap is right here. While Some people know this Baruch Hashem, there are many who don't. And so we should take a lesson from this and come together and say 'Hashem it is You who does everything' Lets turn to Him and may we joyfully be redeemed soon

on a sidenote, unity is also factor to help us and this site helps by pairing a guest and a host for Shabbos meals and baruch Hashem joining Jews together


Alina @ Israel said...

The saddest point is that no matter how many times something wise is repeated people usually choose the path which leads them in the directly opposite way and are happy to make another mistake.

smb said...

true, guess it's human nature

It's like ants circling around in a bowl. One day, some start climbing up toward the rim. But the rest are still circling the bottom.

But even so, we shouldn't give up. It might look like there's no hope, but we should keep trying to wake people up. And hopefully, people soon listen and make a positive improvement