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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

take 2

life can be so busy running around and trying to do everything. It can be stressful and we feel the wear and tear. What we need to do is take two. Breath in and relax for a couple minutes.
Thereby, calming the mind and refreshing the body. Too much stress wears down the body and then we are more susceptible to things like colds etc. However, when you pause and take a deep breath, you let go of the stress and start to heal.

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Yedid Nefesh said...

Take 2 is an amazing piece of advive, and I alaways believe in taking care of yourself before anything else. But ha, not so easy... Often, it becomes an escuse for laziness
I run a lot, and it helps me with stress. and the other thing that helps? actually facing the reasons why you are stressed. If its something you can do, such as paying bills, registering, shopping or whateer, do it! u'll feel better. if it isnt so much in your hands, then relax because its not up to you anyways!
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