In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Thursday, August 12, 2010


It is in the air
the time is approaching
to recharge our soul
How should we
go about this?
The first step
is to look inside ourself.
Sometimes, it's hard.
We are worried to
face what we might find.
But it's necessary
in order to improve ouself
and grow
We go learn and practice
and nourish our soul;
Blessing is brought down
to here-
Of course, we sometimes
makes mistakes and that
makes negative energy.
But we can always stand
back up and move ahead
up the ladder,
lifting ourself
while bringing light
to the world
Here is a beautiful video; It is for Shavous but I wanted to show it because it's a great message


Devorah said...

Thanks for this post.

lvnsm said...

you are welcome