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Thursday, August 19, 2010


In a lecture that Rabbi Reuven wolf gives at Maayon Yisrael, he mentions what it means in Tehillim 27, the verse, "Hashem you are my light and salvation." He mentions about the challenge we have with fighting our yetzer hara, and how it can be very powerful over us.

I know this personally. I use to have such a big temper, but found that it only made things worse. I decided to do something about it. It's hard when you are in the moment and feel so much tension, but we just need to remember to try to clear our mind and breath. It's a continuous test, but we have the ability to choose the better path.

Rabbi Wolf explains that this is meant by the verse 'Hashem is my light and salvation.' Eventhough we have a strong desire to do something we shouldn't do, we can turn it around and choose another way with Hashem's help

Here is a video from another verse in Tehillim 27


uri@israel said...

to control our ezer hara is a very difficult work. but it is also very difficult to understand -if we can choose ezer hara or ezer atov(i mean we control both), and we have our will, responsibility and choice-how come that at the same moment G-d knows what gonna be?how come that everybody has cirtan destiny if it is depence on our choices?

smb said...

good question, I think it's that even though we have a certain destiny, we can still change it with actions and prayer. It could be that there are two scenarios that could happen and whatever path we choose is the scenario that happens.
For example, we say on Rosh Hashana, 'repentance, prayer and charity erases the bad decree'

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Oliver @ Israel said...

It's great there're wise people and wise books around us because sometimes it's almost impossible to find your path or your way on our own.

smb said...

very true, we all need guidance, and they are there, thank G-d, we just need to search