In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Lets be who we should be

I was reading something in a paper, and the lady had a good point. She mentioned that sometimes we hear a lot of negative things going on like so-and-so did this and that and so on. And it gets to us after awhile. And she is right that it's not the way to be. We have so much potential and can truely be great individuals if we choose to be.

For example, I read an inspiring story about this person who decided to look for a better job, and so he told his boss about his request to leave. His boss told him to not tell anyone because he was very well like and they'd be disappointed, and so he didn't. Later, on the day he was leaving, he decided to tell one person working there. They were very sad that he was leaving because he was the only one that said good morning to them, which influenced others to say good morning too. - It's amazing what a small deed becomes.

While trying to look for inspiring examples, I found this.
This article is from January 2009
Shabbos of Chizuk
In general, whether we do something small like say good morning to someone, or do something big like volunteer somewhere, this is what we should be, a holy nation spreading light and blessing.


Shmuel said...

Which is exactly why blogs like this one and Kindness Happens are so important to the jewish blogosphere, let alone the world.

Keep up the great work!

lvnsm/sharona said...

thanks, yours is great too BH

I feel that eventhough we're all human and it's easy for people to let middos slide while going with poor choices, we are meant to rise above temptation and be the person we can and should be. And if there's a problem somewhere, then it needs to be fixed so we can move forward.

Sometimes, we need to see Good examples in order to inspire us.
Even if we don't notice them though, we should still continue for our own growth.