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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

going higher

Over time as we practice,
routine sets in.
praying, and other things
become a shell without a core.
And there's also the struggle
for concentration

With self encouragment
I focus on the meaning
and picture what the prayer
is talking about.
With the morning prayer,
I imagine Hashem providing us
with what we need
like clothing and so on,
and being grateful.

With effort,
feeling that connection to Above
as I say the words from my heart
like in Birkas hamazon,
racheim na, u'vney...

It happens sometimes that I
just say straight through.
But then I try to encourage myself
to say it with feeling.

Prayer is a great time to talk to Hashem, ask for assistance, and say Thanks for the blessings we have, big and small.


Mystery Woman said...

I struggle with concentration...I don't enjoy davening. But picturing what the prayer is talking about sounds like a good idea.

Lvnsm27 said...


David_on_the_Lake said...


You know..I think we're the last 2 bloggers standing from the good ol' days.

lvnsm said...

ah the good ol days

now that you mention it, a certain blogger I know came back after being away for awhile. however this blog world is not like back then

Devorah said...

That is really beautiful.

lvnsm(sharona) said...