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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What are you giving

Adar and Purim is coming

There’s so many creative things that we can do with shalach monos. We can do a spring theme and make a cookie garden and send that out. Or do a music theme, or a sports and so on…. The possibilities are abundant.

The great thing about this is the message of giving to others. We have this message on Purim because this holiday is about coming together for a common goal (reversing haman’s decree)

There’s also another kind of giving that is so important nowadays, and that is the giving of time to others. Whether it is time with our spouse or with our children, it’s very important that we take a little time to be there with them. It can be just a short while, like during dinner time, or at night someone tucks the kids in. It doesn’t matter how long or short the time, the quality counts more than the quantity. Make this time enjoyable. For example, on shabbos, cherish the moment together. This might be easier with younger children, whereas teens might want to be with friends. This time spent, whether it’s the couple alone, or time with the kids, can make a big impact on both the couple and the children.

Btw, here's a story that I wrote for a previous Purim, enjoy :)

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Might do a new story, IY'H

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