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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The STILL suggestion

While listening to a lecture, the speaker mentioned something that many can relate to. Nowadays, we're so busy with business, the internet, cell phones etc. People don't have time to themselves anymore. And even when people do have free time, they need to do something interesting like listen to their Ipod. It's like we're afraid to be alone with our thoughts.

The speaker mentioned a suggestion called STILL. The first letter is silence, find 5 min to just sit and relax.
The second is to talk. You know how it is with all this technology, it has lessened the amount of talking we do face to face. While technology helps us to stay in touch with friends & family that we wouldn't have otherwise, we still need regular face to face conversations. Sometimes, we in general society, are so busy with other things that we don't spend enough quality time with family.

The 3rd is to take a few minutes to look inside our self and Introspect. The rush of daily life doesn't allow oneself to stop and think of how to improve and grow. Take a few minutes to relax and contemplate.

The forth is to laugh with others and all enjoy yourselves.

The fift is to laugh with yourself. For example, if you did something silly like left your umbrella at work.

Have a good week


Mystery Woman said...

Great suggestions!
But sometimes it's so hard to find those 5 minutes...

lvnsm said...

very true, it can be challenging, but it's so very worth it :)

SoMeHoW Frum said...

Now you know why there is Shabbos.

Lvnsm27 said...

Yep, a great oppertunity and gift :)

anon1226 said...

So true, its very hard in our days,

I told someone,that i feel shaboss was given for our generation.
in the old days, every buisness closed at 6pm and ppl didnt work till the next day. you couldnt reach them,till they got back to work.
In our times when we never get out of work, we get calles and texts every minute,of the day and night. we need such a day like shaboss, when we have no choice only to rest up. and to collect our minds,to think from us a little

lvnsm said...

welcome back, yep absolutely, we deffinately need a day of rest.