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Monday, February 15, 2010

The effort that changed the event

They woke up and looked outside. In one corner there was a hint of sunlight, and in the other corner there was gray clouds. 'Interesting' they thought.

They got ready and went to Coffee Bean to meet some friends. After talking for a while, one of them mentioned that they are planning on going to this awesome purim party.

Someone sitting nearby overheard the mention of this and felt a little concerned, and then thought of an interesting idea.

The moment had come and they gathered into the room where everything was set up. It looked a little different, but it didn't matter.
The music started, and the lights colored the walls. One of them looked around at the colors and said, 'Nice touch'

They were smoozing and drinking, and then the music stopped and someone said on the mirophone, "Everyone, put down your drinks and gather around in the center."

They were curious as to what's going on, but decided to follow along. They all gathered in the center, and the speaker said, 'Now I'm going to show you some true celebration." The music started again and everyone danced in a circle. Their joyous energy filled the room for a long while. Then they walked back and one person said, 'Man I'm wiped out'

They looked around for a drink but didn't see any. "Where it go?" They said. There was only bottled water. Disappointed, they still took a cup because they were thirsty.
One of them went up to the speaker and said,"What gives?"
He answered, "You had some, now enjoy the party."

The group smoozed a little more and then the speaker said, "Anyone up for some improv?"
A few people took turns putting on a skit. Some of them were really good!

After awhile, the party came to a close, and everyone went home.

The next day, someone was talking his friend and mentioned the interesting party he went to.
His friend answered, 'That sounds better than me, I got so drunk, I wroke up somewhere and didn't know where I was.'
"Where's that?"
"At the park, in the middle of the night."
"How did you get home?"
"Called a friend."

The other one thought back to the one he went to and realized that that was the best party he's ever been to. Plus, he can remember it.

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