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Sunday, December 20, 2009

helping couples


Some tips I gathered over time about strenthening relationships

>For a relationship to work, each one should try to both give and work as a team, both doing their part. This sounds idealistic and doesn't always happen b/c sometimes one gives more than the other. However, both should try to do their best.

>Communication helps you know what you each need and want. If one of you holds it in, you might explode later. Better to let them know now how you feel. Sometimes, it's hard to express it, and it takes some practice. Also, if one wants a specific thing like a gift and is particular, let them know what, so they can give it. Otherwise they don't know, and might waste money when they could spend it wisely on something you like. Also, when communicating, be patient and understanding

>Appreciation is very important. When you show appreciation to each other, it enhances the relationship, and encourages you both to keep going.

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