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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

On the purpose and the meaning of...

I'm putting this with my earlier posts

Anyway in regards to modesty, it can be hard for many to keep hearing in the communtity about tznius this and tznius that, and you feel like you want people to talk about something else, a different topic. - Plus, it's hard for some to be limited in clothing options and behaviors.

At first, this mitzva looks very small compared to other things we need to do. But spiritually, it's just as important as shabbos and good middos(traits) and keeping kosher. - With good middos, we understand the importance because we see the impact it has all around. However with spir things like shabbos and tznius etc, it's difficult to see the impact since it's spiritual. Maybe people wouldn't have such a hard time with tznuis if it wasn't mentioned so much, and there weren't so many restrictions in certain places. I feel, there should be a balance, like for ex. when I saw a song and dance performance for women only, and they had a lot of beautiful dancing.

What's so important about this mitzvah? The importance is to protect our holiness that's within by covering ourselves, like puting a baseball card in a case, or covering a precious Torah scroll. Of course, being tznius is just one way to keep ourself and our home holy. There are other things we need to do as well, for example, family purity and mikva, and make an effort(both spouses) to keep a peaceful home by communicating calmly, and so on.

Being tznius can actually be a beautiful thing because then people focus on our inner beauty and what's in our mind and heart, instead of only our body; Think of it like this, we are children of the King and should look the part by dressing modestly. There are plenty of clothes out there that are both modest and stylish at the same time. Besides this, we also need to act appropriately, so our wisdom and other good traits shine through.

Men too should also be modest. I spoke to someone once who mentioned that he use to wear whatever. And then he went with a friend to a traffic court to help him with something, and they both wore nice clothes. Then he realized that if he chooses to wear nice clothes in front of a human judge, how much more so should he when he davens before Hashem.

While it might be hard for some, we just need to make sure that our body, elbows and knees are covered, and that it’s not so tight that our form shows. As for head coverings, there’s many choices. - I prefer a hat or tichel or scarf when I marry because a wig looks too real, and I feel misses the point. Although, I would combine a hat with a wig. :)

In general, the many mitzvos we Jews have, both the ones b/t person & person, and the ones b/t person and G-d, help us to be holy, connect to G-d, and spread light throughout the world.


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