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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What's your favorite?

What's your favorite book genre? I like a variety of books but my favorite in regards to novels, is horror. Not Steven King though. More like Dean Koontz. I like his books 'Cold Fire', 'The Watchers', and 'The Bad Place'. The book 'Lightning' also looks interesting. And I like other kinds of novels too which have an interesting story, like the book 'The Beach' and this book which I can't find anymore called 'The Insider'. For these, I go to the public library.

As for non-fiction, I like Jewish books that teach me something, like those that you see in Judaica stores and websites. Some I have read, and some I would like to read when I can get them, either from the Jewish library or a Judaica store. I also like inspirational stories, like the books, 'Touched By A Story' and 'Tales For The Soul'. Those are the only two books that I bought.
The other books I guess will have to wait for when I get more money.

What do you like?

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brianna said...

Two words: Public library.

And not all Stephen King is that scary. Firestarter was awesome and not terrifying at all.

Lvnsm27 said...

Well obviously I go to a public library if i want secular books.
I guess I should mention that.

With Stephen King it's not the amount of horror, but other things I'm not interested in. I guess maybe a few of them I would like. I'll check the summary of the one you suggested.

Lvnsm27 said...

I see, you meant about non-fiction from the plublic library.

I edited the message to say Jewish books.

I like secular educational books too.
But the ones I was thinking about were Jewish advice and thought books.

fsgsf said...

Nothing beats a real good mystery/suspense novel!!! Especially those with good endings!!


NJ from NJ

ClooJew said...

What Bri says is, lulei demistafina, true. Most of the "normal" SK books were made into movies (Stand By Me, Shawshank Redempstion, The Green Mile). Start with his book written under Richard Bachman, "The Four Seasons."

Also, everyone MUST read Elmore Leonard.

ClooJew said...

btw, everything you really NEED to read can be found on Bri's and NormalJew's blogs.

Everything else is commentary!

Lvnsm27 said...

your blog is very good too, cloo.

EN said...

I like non-fiction. If it is fake it gives my mind non-truthful information.

Q: Why would you want to scare yourself on purpose by reading horror, isn't reality scary enough ;)?

Lvnsm27 said...