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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

challenges and overcoming them

I wrote something similar on and decided to put it here also.

In life we have many challenges and tests. One thing we should remember though is that whatever challenge we are given, we can overcome it and pass. I don't think Hashem would give anyone a test that s/he can't overcome. And yet a lot people still think that there are some challenges that people can't get through b/c they see that some people never overcame theirs. While yes some people don't overcome their challenges, that doesn't mean they didn't have the abilitiy. It just means they didn't reach their potential. One question I have is how do we believe in Hashem and then not trust Him. I believe that He is compassionate and wouldn't give us a challenge that's impossible for us to overcome.

And for those who want more info. Here's an excerpt from this link.
By Dovid Dubov
"You Can Do It
It is self-evident that the Creator, who knows the world and its creatures, would not give an order or command too difficult to carry out. If He has given specific commandments for each and every Jew, in his own unique circumstances, to fulfil, it is certain that He has first given us the capacity to fulfil them.Some Jews are born with greater natural capacities, others with less, therefore the challenges and trials that G–d presents to each are in keeping with their strength. As our Sages say, “G–d does not deal despotically or arbitrarily with His creatures” and He does not expect the impossible. If a person is faced with great trials this, in itself, is proof that he has the capacity and strength to overcome them. Nothing stands in the way of the will and, given the proper effort, it is possible to overcome all difficulties."

I just found out that this message I'm trying to convey is spoken about in Avoda Azara Daf Gimmel Amud Alef

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