In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

putting it in perspective

Recently last week, someone screamed at me and really got on my nerve. I kept thinking about it contiuously. I felt, I should have called them back to let them know that 'so and so' is coming so they know. I could have avoided this incident.
Later on, I remembered something that I did a few days beforehand. I screamed at my sister when I should have controlled myself. I had a feeling later something might come around to me, but didn't really expect it. Later, that incident happened with a different person towards me. It made sense now. I couldn't have stopped it, I wasn't meant to call them back, but instead receive measure for measure the same thing I did. My anger melted away because I now understood it was an atonement. Baruch Hashem for clearity

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