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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dating and Marriage

I heard some really good tips and decided to share. They are basic, but good to review.

Make sure to have common values and goals and be realistic. Be understanding with some things, but also aware of other things. Ask someone if you're not sure about something.
Communicate so you know how each other feel and what you both want and need. And be very giving to each other.
Plus, we should be direct. For example, if you tell your husband, I have a meeting at 3, he might not know that means pick up the kids. We have to say, pick them up, so he knows-
And when a wife is sad, it's understandable for the husband to want to fix the situation, so he gives a solution. But she really just wants sympathy and encouragement.
Plus, both should show each other appreciation so they strenghthen the relationship.
Well hope this helps


Devorah said...

These are good tips and it's always good to review them!

smb said...