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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two halves of a whole

man and woman, two halves of a whole.
so different and yet also similar.
Both with a different important role,
each one serving Hashem(G-d)

They find each other and
come together in marriage
becoming one soul again.

The Shabbos candles shine bright as
She brings in the shabbos with a prayer,
and brings light to the world.
He makes the kiddish blessing over the wine,
and the world is elevated.

Their relationship is rejuvenated with the
mitzvah of family purity and mikvah, and
bring blessing to the home.

They share in the reward of
his Torah learning.
Her modest clothes,
bring out her inner beauty.

she and him raise the next generation
as they pass their heritage down
to their children and help them grow.

Two people, one soul
fulfilling their mission

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