In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alleviating Hardships

Rabbi Arush in the book 'The Garden of Emunah' gives some good advice to alleviate hardships. Here's a general message from different parts of the book.

His message is that in life, different situations are annoying, worrisome, sad or painful. But we should understand that it is Hashem(G-d) who gives us these situations. Why does He? We don't know. Since we don't see the big picture, we don't totally understand. That's where emunah(faith) comes in and says, even though I don't understand, I trust it is for my benefit because Hashem knows what is best for me. (This level of thinking is very hard but helps in these situations)

One of the things we should do is introspection and see what we need to improve on. Plus, since we might have made a mistake that we either remember or don't remember, we should pray for forgiveness and assistance to improve. (And make an effort).

Understand that challenges cleanse us and help us to grow stronger and reach our potential. (It's like how excersize is hard work but grows muscle.) Hashem cares about us and knows we can do it.
When we understand this, we can thank Hashem for cleansing us and helping us to grow strong. This is very hard to do, but it has an impact on improving the situation, whether quickly or slowly. If we take time to reflect on this each day, it will help immensely- G-d willing.
Every effort counts -

Note that in life, we will continue to have challenges, but this advice helps to deal with it productively and turn it into a tool for growth

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Hardships don't go away but having the tools to deal with challenges certainly helps!