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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rights vs Obligation

Sometimes people focus a lot on their rights, like the right to say what they want. However, few think about their obligations, like to not hurt a friend with their words. The problem is when a person cares more about him/herself than about the other. Of course, there are times when we need to say something about someone inorder to protect others. And so there are Jewish rules for how to do it. - But if the negative info is not important, then it's not necessary to mention.
It's very hard to keep away from gossip sometimes, but when we make an effort, we earn tremendous blessings.
Another thing is when we are in shul(synagogue). The point of shul is to daven(pray).
Some people go there to do just that, daven, and afterwards go eat and smooze with others.
Some women however, feel that they want more. They want to stand in front of the congragation, read from the Torah Scroll and lead the prayers. They feel it's their right.
But that's not what shul is about. Shul is not about doing what you want. Shul is about doing what G-d wants. Therefore, in shul, we women should stick to just standing with our fellow Jews and praying together.
There are plenty of other mitzvahs outside of synagogue, like lighting Shabbos candles in our home before sun-down. Helping the community. Going to the mikva(ritual bath) once a month. And passing down our faith to the next generation, and so on

On a side note, prayer is for everone's benefit. It helps us to reflect on ourselves, seek Hashem for assistance, and be grateful for what we have.


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