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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Successfully handing our faith

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Okay, Tips for handing down our heritage and faith

In regards to chinuch, many are mainly taught just what to do when practicing, but don't really understand or feel it inside. We need to know why to do it, so it's meaningful. For example, besides because it's our obligation, it's also food for our soul. It connects us to Ha-shem and also brings light to the world.

Both reverence and love for G-d are important. If we are a good example of both reverence and love of G-d, it'll encourage others to keep the message.

I heard awhile ago a good explanation of how awe should be taught. For example, we see how precious our spouse is, and we are in awe of them. We don't want to hurt the relationship because there's consequences and we disconnect. - Of course, since we are human, we make mistakes sometimes. However, we have the chance to get back up and go forward. Hashem forgives and brings us back if we make the effort.

Love of G-d and Torah should be taught by showing the beauty and joy. Make Shabbos very special with zemiros and quality time together. Inspire youth to pray from the heart and appreciate our blessings. And when we learn, feel that G-d is speaking to us -
Help them to feel that Hashem is always there providing for us. And when we have challenges, we should trust it's for the best, and He will help us through it

Plus, encourage their questions, and search for information together in order to strengthen emunah. I took a class in which we really delve deep into the Chumash, and learned a lot that I didn't know. This is great for any study. Many who do this find it very intellectually stimulating.

If parents and teachers are good examples of middos, wisdom, caring, and emunah, and give youth what they need both emotionally and intellectually, then the youth will internalize it and want to keep it with them

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