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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LETS PUT SOME JOY IN IT tip for parents and teachers

On chinuch

Some times, if children are just told what to do but are not shown the beauty in it, then it could be hard to feel the joy of the mitzvos. My tip is that we should help children to enjoy practicing by showing them the beauty and joy, instead of just saying what to do. In order for them to continue it, they need to want to.

If the kid(like a teen) wants to do something that's not the best idea, explain to them why it's not such a good idea, instead of just no. And let them make small decisions, so they understand for themself. They might find you are right. -- They need both structure and space.

This family is a good example of bringing out the joy in Shabbos;
We don't need to do exactly the same(having so many guests) but we can take a lesson and incorporate the beauty of Shabbos in our lives


hila @Israeli Uncensored News said...

yes i remember once i stayed in orthodox family for sabbath and 3 yo boy told me in the morning -*look its sunshine outside the window, i am so happy that G-d sent us great weather today*. he was naturally happy. coz his parents gave him right feeling about such things

lvnsm said...

Excellent, thanks for sharing