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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Grand Cayon from plane

While on a plane, I tried to take a couple pics of the Grand Canyon

The pics are not perfect but still nice

Here's some closer pics on google images of it click here


Staying Afloat said...

Mah rabu maaseachah Hashem!

My husband and I were also zocheh to see the canyon from a plane, and on a clear day. The flight attendants kept telling us how lucky we were. I'll try to post the pic sometime soon.

P.S.- I will iy"H also get to the meme you tagged me for ages ago. I haven't forgotten.

lvnsm said...

I usually don't pay attention to it, but after watching a documentary that mentioned it, I started to apprecitate it more.

take your time with the meme :)

Freeda said...

I had the privilege of seeing it in person- wow! Hashem's truly The Master Artist...

lvnsm said...