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Monday, October 05, 2009

Importance of knowing why

Many are taught what to do in regards to our tradition, and we know different information about it. - Sometimes we feel it inside, and other times we don't. What helps us to continue it is to know 'why', then we understand the importance of doing what we are taught. Here's the basics to help encourage us

Energy and spreading light
First, lets look what happens with our actions and behaviors. We know our actions have an impact on the world. But besides having a physical impact, they also have a spiritual impact, in which we either bring down good or bad energy, depending on whether we do mitzvos or aveiros. It is our choice what we do. Everyone does both of them. We all have ups and downs. What people need to do is pause and think about what effect a certain action might have, whether the action is between person and person, or one between person and G-d. For example, giving to others what they need, and lighting Shabbat candles before sun-down, bring light and blessing. But gossiping Unnecessarily about So and so brings negative energy. There are times when we need to say something about someone, but there are rules how to do it. Each mitzvah teaches us something important.
Besides that, there's our neshama(soul). Our neshama needs food just like our body. Thus we have Torah and mitzvos. It's our source of nourishment and connects us to Hashem. Each bit of learning and practicing brings us closer to Him. Where as, aveiros pull us away. We might not feel inspired sometimes, and it might just feel like rituals. That's why it helps to learn the meaning of a mitzvah, and try to do the mitzvah with Joy. With continuous effort, personal prayer, and time, the feeling inside will grow. And if you need to, seek guidence from someone to help along the way. Remember, every effort counts. Sometimes, we have challenges in life. But these are to help us grow. Just like excersize can be hard but makes us strong, so too challenges in life make us stronger. This way we can receive more Divine light as Rabbi Arush teaches in "The Garden of Emunah"

Finally, we should remember that it is our obligation to uphold the laws, traditions, ethics and values that we Jews are meant to keep, ever since that everlasting promise at Mount Sinai, and therefore be the holy nation that we should be. It is for our benefit, the Torah and mitzvos, which Hashem(G-d) gave us to bring light to the world and nourish our soul and connect to G-d. Therefore we should do it with JOY

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Moshe said...

Knowing why is indeed very important. that's why I urge everyone to read the Torah

Devorah said...

Very true.