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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awe and Love

I was listening to a lecture and the speaker mentioned about awe and love. He said that Yiras Hashem(fear of G-d) does not mean terror. The word yira is connected to the word ro'eh(see)
For example, in a relationship, a person should see the preciousness of the other and respect the other person. From there, the person goes on to work on love. Respect motivates us to notice the other and honor them; we don't dream of hurting the relationship we have. - Love motivates us to be close to them -

So too, during this time, we should work on noticing Hashem in our life who gives us both pleasent things and challenges, which we see in retrospect is for the best. And we should work on respecting Him and the people around us. Plus, we should be aware that when we do something wrong, we hurt the relationship, which in turn makes us grow apart from each other. However, it can be mended and healed if we put in the effort to do so. It's best of course, to try not to mess up, but of course it's happens b/c we're human, and so there's teshuva.

Once we have respect for the other, we buid the love
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