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Friday, July 10, 2009

Interesting elevator moment

I was on an elevator a long while at a shoping center and it was almost full. We went up a little and then the door opened. One guy said to the people outside, "You can try to come in if you want." Then a few people walked in and he said, "I was only kidding." The ones in the back started laughing. Then he said sorry to everyone. The elevator went up a little more and the door opened again. This time he says to them, "No!" And there was more laughter. Then a couple people said to them "Try it, try it." And they came in. Deffenately one of my more interesting elevator experiences


Something Different said...

Elevators are some of the world's most entertaining places. :-)

CJ Srullowitz said...

I go to this minyan for minchah on the tenth floor of a nearby building. After davening, there's a packed elevator heading to the lobby and invariably it stops on one of the floors in between. If it's a woman waiting to get on, everybody just crushes back, so that no one God forbid, lulei demistafina, gets accused of brushing up against her. Did I mention the building is full of lawyers?

lvnsm said...

SD, they sure are

CJ, lol very cute