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Thursday, June 04, 2009

book world


My favorite part of assisting in a kindergarten class is the times when I share a book with them.
On Monday, during recess, a few kids were looking at a book in the yard. Later, one of them wanted me to read it. The book is about different animals. I started to read it and then started having a discussion about the pictures. Afterwards, I was thinking that he probably learned more from the discussion than he would have if I just read the book.

On Wednesday, one kid was not feeling well, and so I sat with them and read them a story. It's relaxing, and keeps them occupied. Other kids joined in to hear as well until the end of the story.

Overall, we all gain


Floating Reflections said...

Bonding over a book is always special. Besides for the amount that you teach sub-conciously like language and general knowledge, it is also a great tool to tell reasons behind rules etc and to sneak in stuff u may want to tell them about any difficulties that they are having. It is creates a safe environment to lead to children feeling secure to open up if there is anything bothering them.

I used to love that time too, especially when it was only with a small group all cuddled together :)

lvnsm27 said...

yep, it has many good uses