In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Monday, March 23, 2009

the smell of success

You know how when you get what you want and then new challenges arise. Well that's what is happening. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the situation I'm in. All I can do is make my best effort with it and pray it works out. I use to be more of the type to just give up when things became hard, for example, when I was a kid in school and didn't realize my strengths if I would have only had confidence. Now though, I keep at it. And I'm always surprised. I still have that voice that says, this is not going to work, but I continue anyway because you never know. Of course, I know my limits, like I'm not cut out to be a surgeon :) but I also know what Is possible if I make enough effort, plus pray for assistance

Tonight, while playing spider solitaire on the computer, I noticed something that reminded me of my situation. I looked at the cards thinking it's not going to work, and was going to start a new game, however, I decided to continue. Eventhough it's just a simple card game, the message of success through perserverence gave me hope.


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good lesson :-)

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