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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hello there

I've been recently trying to write a story and the ideas usually pour out, and I type it up. But this time, it's harder for some reason. Maybe because I'm more picky now with my writing. Some characters are easy to write a story for and I have plenty to write for them. But there are some characters in which it is difficult because they don't have much going on. Oh well, hopefully I'll find a way to work it out.


Goldwasser Story said...

At the end of the day every person is alone. But there are two attitudes one can have to his loneliness. He can either experience it as misery, something to escape from by constantly distracting himself with social interactions. Or he can relish it as a special gift and opportunity for him to develop his own space and his relationship with G-d who is always there with him.

Lvnsm27 said...

very true

I think I'm the second one, I don't mind being alone with my thoughts

thanks for the comment

Avi Marcu said...

Have just been dealing with writing issues...
My solution: just write. Don't be a critic at all. If after you write it, you don't like it, just write more or better. Don't cross out, or delete. Just let it flow - whatever it is. You can always delete it later.

p.s. thanks for the link to my blog! Please contact me if you want to talk :)

lvnsm said...

thanks for the advice