In life, we can either let our experiences make us bitter, or we can channel that feeling towards being a good example in order to improve things.


Monday, May 05, 2008

small yet important

story poem I've been thinking about

They made plans, but they didn't
go through.
They waited and waited
and finally it happened.
The individual over time
became powerful
and felt great.
But, it didn't last,
and they went back down.
Disillusioned and shattered,
they went for a walk.
Someone then came along
and gave some comfort saying,
'yes we are only human
and not totally in charge,
but we are still each an important
piece of the puzzle with a purpose.'
Humbled and inspired,
they tried again, only differently
this time


halfshared said...

Nice. I know a lot of examples to put to this poem...

Lvnsm27 said...

yep, there are many ex. out there

DixieYid said...

Are you familiar with the poetry of Ruth Lewis in the book "Memo to Self"? I think you would very much appreciate this great book. I posted a couple of the poems here:

-Dixie Yid

lvnsm said...