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Monday, January 14, 2008

something to ponder

Sometimes people want something without negative side effects. However, the side effects do occur, and so the person has to choose and weigh the pros and cons.
For example, people in general want to dress and act how they want. But sometimes this results in loss of respect and dignity. And so we need to choose.

Here's something that's common. On a certain you tube video that I saw, a lady was dressed provocatively and singing provocatively, and then a commenter made a very inappropriate comment towards her. Of course, it doesn't happen all the time to people, just sometimes. But still, we need to think to ourselves, how do we want to be seen? As objects or as people? It's nice to do what we want and have fun, but not at the expense of our respect and dignity.
However, it's Not an all or nothing thing. I also saw a video where a lady was dressed modestly and singing beautifully.

Of course, there might be a situation where a person does her part to be modest and someone still says something rude to her. In that case though, maybe the guy has issues, in which she should stay away from that person.
When we dress and act modestly, people concentrate on us and our inner beauty. We are people and deserve to be seen that way.

Here's a good article by Wendy Shalit on the topic.
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halfshared said...

I totally agree with you. Sometimes when I see people dressed immodestly, especially married women, I feel so sorry for them. They are so obviously begging for attention, begging for men to look at them. And I feel bad for the spouse too. If I were a man, I'd hate for other men to find my wife attractive in a certain sense.

MizEllie said...

It's a very thought-provoking question. On the one hand, certain comments or actions are never justified - regardless of the circumstances. But...we spend our whole lives reacting to people and making decisions based on the unspoken cues we receive - the way they look, their attire, their body language. Do we get to abdicate all responsibility for what we choose to project? And where is that line?

Lvnsm27 said...

thanks HS and Miz for the input

Anonymous said...

if u want respect and dignity, dress and behave that way.

very Well said!!

Although we cant control every ones reactions, but we can do our part, and then we aren't held responsible for unjustified reactions

Lvnsm27 said...

MizEllie we just need to do our part to dress and act appropriately. If others still feel turned on, that's his problem.