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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Remember Recess

Remember in elementary school when it was time for recess. Finally, we can have fun before we need to go back. I was thinking recently about what a former teacher of mine from college said a long while ago about what some public schools are doing to recess.
Recently, I was looking at some articles and found that some schools have reduced it and some even got rid of it.

They want to bring up test scores and academic excellence in general. They figure that if kids spend more time in class doing school work and studying, they will learn more and do better in school. What they don't understand is that by reducing or taking away recess, they will actually do the opposite of what they want to accomplish. If kids don't get enough opportunity to release their energy, they won't be able to concentrate in class, and they won't be able to learn. Instead, the teacher is now trying to get the kids to behave and pay attention. Of course, there are always times when the teacher needs to get the kids to behave. However, if the kids don't get recess, their dis behavior goes up because they are anxious to get their energy out.

They still have PE because that is a requirement so the kids get exercise. But it's not the same because even though they are getting exercise, it's still a class. Where as with recess, kids can just hang out and socialize. They need the social skills that come with interacting with each other during recess. It's not noticeable, but they are learning, even during recess.

Fortunately, many people are advocating to keep recess. Hopefully, they'll be successful.


The Dreamer said...

gosh, no recess?
glad my school at least kept some semblance of the ritual...

halfshared said...

Huh? Who are these experts in education? Do they have any clue?? I'm glad I'm outta school already.

anonym00kie said...

in my school we had recess, but we had no gym...
i still cant believe it when i think about it

Lvnsm27 said...

Dreamer, :)

HS, my guess is they don't

Mookie, that's interesting,
in mine we had both
oh well said...

Wow and we wonder why kids have an increasing obesity rate. Combine no recess with video games, computers, social networking and ipods and you have yourself one lazy sedate society.

Then they close the school yards and playgrounds and force everyone to stick to "safe" sports.

Ah the fattening up of society,

Lvnsm27 said...

Yep :)