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Sunday, October 14, 2007

on grammar

Do you think grammar and speaking well is important or no? I think it depends. If it's something insignificant like saying, 'he did that good' instead of 'he did that well', then it doesn't really matter. And there are many other examples where it doesn't matter. But it does matter when the meaning of the sentence changes to say something you didn't mean. For example, 'I didn't do nothing' means you did something. And 'I don't want no whatever' means you do. The sentence only needs one negative to express the message.

I don't really care about other grammar stuff. It's just this that gets me. Don't worry, I'm not asking everyone to change. I just wanted to express myself

What's your thoughts on grammer and speaking?


The Dreamer said...

This is my kind of topic!

Bad grammar usually annoys me. I try to hold back from correcting others, but am often unsuccessful...

corner point said...

This is my turf, too :-)

I won't profess to say that I'm perfect at grammar, but it's a subject that I find interesting and I feel it's quite important to know the basics at least.

Someone looking to hire a secratary for a law office recently commented to me that when she hears someone speak over the phone, she knows right away whether the applicant will be suitable or not simply from the way she speaks.

There are differences between written grammar and spoken grammar, with spoken being a bit more laid back (not officially, just as a result of the times,) but I feel that for someone with plans of entering into the working world, proper grammar is of importance.

Like dreamer said, bad grammar is a bit annoying, and to me that's because it suggests that the person speaking or writing had no interest in honing their skills. Grammar is somehting one learns, whether through osmosis, reading, or active textbook learning. I guess it comes more naturally to some and it would be unfair to say that those with bad grammar skills were lazy, but I still feel that if one wants to improve their skills, one has to work a little...

Okay. I can go on for days here, so I'll stop. :-)
Basically, don't let kids get away with speaking improperly, because in the long run, it's very very important to be educated and refined...

Sorah said...

Good grammar is important not because you are following the rules, but because it ensures that you are properly understood.

Then again, if you do say, "She did that good" sometimes, I think everyone will know what you mean. =]

halfshared said...

And what about spelling? I just came from a website that is updating their system. They write, "Thanks for your patients. We will be updating shortly." Couldn't help but laugh.

Lvnsm27 said...

Dreamer, I use to correct people. But I think now I do it less often

Corner, I agree

Sorah, exactly, the main thing is that we are clear about what we mean. But small stuff like good and well don't really matter

HS, :) that's funny.

anon1226 said...

I do think its an important thing to know well how to talk and write,

I really don't know how to do it well,

by us in cheder it was a joke English,
but I cannot complain how I write and talk today's day.its much better then how it used to be.

I had once that I went for an interview to a big company.he is a cousin of mine but he didn't accept me cause he said I don't talk well enough for his co. and he has to teach me and he has no time now for it so I didn't get the job,
and when you said that example about well and good.this was exactly what he told me.that I don't know when to use well and good

but spelling I don't think is a big issue

Lvnsm27 said...

Anon, I guess in a business setting, it matters more because they want people to be professional.

Ofer Maimon said...

I LOVE espressions such as "I didn't do nothing". The fact that everyone understands them and similar ones, to me is a celebration of the human will to communicate.

As long as people are able to speak and write correctly, at say job interviews, I think sociolects are charming. Thats me though:-)

Lvnsm27 said...