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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A scenario

Here's a scenario. S punched V in the face. -- Z saw the whole thing and went and told others of what S did. What did Z accomplish? Nothing but make a bunch of people dislike S.

What should Z do instead? Talk to S when he's calm because if Z doesn't like what he saw, then he should tell him directly. And if S won't listen, then get someone he will listen to, to talk to him.

Of course, if he's dangerous, then people should be alerted. But if he's not usually like that and he is generally a good man, then it's best to talk to him or get someone else to. He might slip again once in awhile, but at least with this approach, we have a chance of getting something done instead of causing people to dislike someone and not getting anything done to fix the man's behavior.


Anonymous said...

True, but I'd be afraid to talk to hum for fearing of being slapped myself.
Of course it's not right to tell everyone but at least someone who could help.

Shoshana said...

Yeah, I'm not sure I agree that it's wise to allow him the chance to "slip again once in awhile" - that doesn't sound acceptable to me. Not that I'm saying everyone should be told what happened, but something should definitely be done to make sure it doesn't happen at all again. Put it in this perspective - if it had been his wife who he hit because he got mad, would you give him the opportunity to do it again?

Anonymous said...

Did this actually happen?
Or are you learning mesechta Malkos?
Anyway I find that if the guys usually violent, talking aint gonna do squat!

Lvnsm27 said...

Prag and Shoshana, you make good points. And so what I think Z should do is get someone to help S, instead of telling a bunch of people and not doing anything to help the man.

Yingerman, no I didn't see this. It's just a scenario I made up. I agree that talking to him might not help and so Z should get someone else to help the man.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

nice scenario difficult to decide what I would do.