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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Music, so pleasent to the ears when it's a certain sound you enjoy.

I have a new next door neighbor who plays the piano everyday. And he's pretty good at it too and so it's enjoyable.
With music, I like lots of different varieties. For example, rock, soft music, dance, techo, and others. And what's interesting is that while listening, I picture different colors. Either one color or many colors, depending on the song.

What type do you like? Do you picture anything while listening?


Okee said...

i don't picture colors, but sometimes when I hear something interesting or beautiful, I feel like I can taste it.
i think that's equally odd.
and i like nearly all music, but country!

kasamba said...

I like all music except the kind where the singer sounds like she's being punctured by a thousand just sharpened pencils while doing a handstand in high tide.

Pragmatician said...

I "need" music, although I have not really made associations with colors while listening until now.

FrumGirl said...

Are you kidding?

Every kind!

Lvnsm27 said...

Okee, tasting it, that's interesting. I agree about country. lol

Kasamba, Thanks for the laugh

Prag, I need music too. One of life's simple pleasures.

FG, cool :)

anonym00kie said...

wow thats amazing! youre a synaesthete!

according to wikipedia : "A person who experiences synaesthesia is called a synaesthete.
Normally the term synaesthesia is used to indicate a condition in which the stimulation of one sensory modality gives rise to an experience in another modality. In an auditory synaesthete, for example, an auditory experience may give rise to an experience in the visual modality."

now you know of your special talent :)

A Frum Idealist said...

I also enjoy all types of music. There's a time and place for each and every style, except for maybe country.... lol.

Excellent vocabulary mookie.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Music just gets me calm I love it. I used to play the piano I miss it.

Lvnsm27 said...

Mookie, cool info. thanks

AFI, we seem to have an 'all music but country' club here. lol

Social, I know what you mean about piano. I took a class a long while ago and it was fun.

Fun Dude said...

Music can be fun, or boring. I prefer the fun variety!

Lvnsm27 said...

ditto, that's why cd's are great because you can quickly fast foward to the next song.

A Frum Idealist said...

lol.... oops.

I missed that in okee's comment (and your response. :-( oops).

Lvnsm27 said...

It's okay.

so it was coincidence, cool.

chaverah said...

yes music is great! cant live without it! I see all colors of the rainbow. your picture shows that.

Lvnsm27 said...


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Music is my life-force!

Classical, cross-over and klezmer among others.

My husband and I just came back from a music festival. It was ravishing!

jemima3 said...

I also need to hear music (all types) wherever I am but playing is something else altogether. When I play piano (classical) I can empty my mind of everything and everybody and nothing exists but the music - it's the best therapy.

Lvnsm27 said...

Barbara, Wow, sounds like you had fun. :) I love hearing it live too.

Jemima, Very interesting. Probrably how my neighbor next door feels when he plays. Btw, I found out it's two people next door.