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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Meme A to Z

I've been tagged by Eshet Chayil. Okay here we go.

Accent: No

Booze: Something sparkling and sweet

Chore I Hate: Cleaning my room

Dogs: No

Essential Electronics: must have a computer

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Different kinds

Gold/Silver: Both in jewelery

Hometown: somewhere usa

Insomnia: no, just a bad habit that makes me stay up til 2 am.

Job Title: Assistant teacher

Kids: Hopefully in the future

Living Arrangements: Very nice

Most Admired Trait: Caring

Number of sexual partners: None yet.

Overnight Hospital Stays: When I was born

Phobia: Heights

Quote: Check previous post

Religion: Jewish

Siblings: Yep

Time I usually wake up: In the morning

Unusual Talent: not sure

Vegetable I refuse to eat: hmm, I like vegetables actually

Worst Habit: nail biting

X-Rays: yeah I had those

Yummy Foods I make: Pasta with sauce and cheese, potato kugel, soup, chicken, and chulent

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

And now I tag masmida and prag


FrumGirl said...

Very nice answers!

David_on_the_Lake said...


whats with bloggers and nail biting?

almost_frei said...

great answers... a peek inside...

Lvnsm27 said...

Thanks everyone

David, don't know. lol

kasamba said...

Is Yep a brother or a sister?

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Nice anwers, short and sweet, but just a bit vague :(

I've noticed that this tag thing is a big hit, its seems everyone is "it", I'm under the impresion that this list was started by internet matchmakers :)

Lvnsm27 said...

Kasamba, both. Okay I'll tell you. 2 of each.

CS, thanks. sorry for the vagueness.

That's cute. :)
Actually, just out of curiousity I did a search and it stared a long time ago and the bloggers are very different

A Frum Idealist said...

It's so funny how everybody is trying to answers the questions as best they can and yet continue to remain as anonymous as possible.

Lvnsm27 said...

Yeah it is. :)

Pragmatician said...

thanks for the tag, bli neder I will make some work of it!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Nice answers.

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I have a post that might interest you today, about whether God tests us or not.

kasamba said...

Hey, I just did a MeMe!!!

Lvnsm27 said...

Prag, cool. Looking forward.

Barbara, you're welcome. I'll check it out later.

Kasamba, I'll check that later too.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Cute meme.

Lvnsm27 said...


Dot Co Dot Il said...

I bite my nails as well!

Lvnsm27 said...


pretzels said...


pretzels said...


Lvnsm27 said...