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Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Purim

Thanks to Frumgirl for this great idea of a virtual Shalach Manos.

Freilechen Purim everyone


Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

that is really nice anyway come over for a clean fun post
I am telling everyone this funny story.
A few years ago I received a mishloah manos with a Jerusalem kugel. It was in an aluminium pan. It was half eaten and had fork marks in the pan and it was a little burned on the bottom-I had been given somebody's shabes leftovers!
This ain'tno joke, this is the truth. I couldn't believe it.

Pragmatician said...

Happy Shushan Purim, as I'm too late for Purim

FrumGirl said...

Happy Purim... thanks for returning the sentiment :-)

Lvnsm27 said...

DMJ, interesting

Prag, Happy shushan purim to you too

FG, you're welcome. And thank you too

Anonymous said...

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