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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reality tv

On Shabbos morning, I had this dream which I think I had because of a simpsons espisode I saw during the week. I'll explain the connection in a bit.

My dream was about this group, like about three guys and two ladies and they were scheming something. Not sure what though. Anyway, they're driving around and calling each other and then they decided to frame someone who looks like one of them so the police goes after him instead. And so the group found this guy who looks like one of them and they set him up. Later on, they told the man that he's on a reality tv show.

The simpsons episode was simular. Someone killed an old lady and framed Homer and Marge. And later they found out they were on a reality tv show and it was all an act.

My take on reality tv shows is that they are just not interesting. I'm not interested in watching people eat or lay in bugs, or compete for a job, or seeing people just driving around or just sitting and talking somewhere. I can go outside and see people driving or sitting and talking outside of Starbucks. I like shows where people act out a scripted story. Even if it's just a comedy.

Ah, it's not like it use to be. Which is why I watch less than I use to. Also, the computer has become more interesting to me.


Y.Y. said...

yep my tv time is down to zero

Lvnsm27 said...

That's good.

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

be careful that you dont get addicted to the Internet like me

Pragmatician said...

I hate reality shows,no one will convince me that everything isn't pre arranged anyway.
It takes the time of potential good shows and it's so stupid and often just plain cruel!

Eshet Chayil said...

I'm a little bit confused. I really don't have a tv, but I'm kind of interested to hear more.

Lvnsm27 said...

DJ, deffinatly good advice.

Prag, I agree, it IS stupid and cruel. Plus, boring.

EC, with a regular show there's a story and the actors act it out from a script. With a reality tv show, there's no script and the people on it are regular people. And there's usually a theme like either they're competing for money, or something else. And some of them can be very gruesome like this one show which makes people do very scary stuff for money. And only one of them wins. And then there are ones that are just plain boring. For instance, they're just sitting around and talking and complaining and then finally do something else. It's pointless because we could go outside and watch people throughout the day.