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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Man I would love to write a short novel. The only thing is that it takes a long time. First I need an idea. Then it's has to make sense. Then it has to be interesting. Plus, it has to have a lot of dialogue otherwise it would be like a narration. I have a couple of short stories that I have completed, but they still need to be edited. They both have some mystery and drama in them and apparently have a similar theme too about someone disappearing. But they are different stories with different things happening.

Recently, I was working on a story about a this group of friends who graduated HS. One day they found that they were being scapegoated by someone who spread a computer worm and had to find out who it is and clear their name. Meanwhile, this other teen who is younger, had insomnia and needed to get help with it. And the same person who was messing with the group, was also bothering him. Later, the group found that the suspect was a messed up student from the same school. I wanted to finish writing it, and then I couldn't find the notebook that I wrote it in. Oh well. I can write it over I guess. But I don't remember exactly every detail that I wrote. And so it will probably be different which is probably a good thing I guess because it needed editing anyway. Or I might not write again, depending if I'm still in the mood to write it.


Y.Y. said...

yea it sucks when you write something and lose it and you need to write it over again
the good thing is that i realised that the second time its written much better

Anonymous said...


If I may ask, "Why do you want to write a novel?."
Do you think your drive eminates out of the same motive that puts you in front of this blog desk?

Lvnsm27 said...

yy, yes the second time it IS much better.

Anon, Ever since I was kid, I liked writing stories. And so I guess you can say it's always been an interest of mine. But only a short novel.

Now my drive to blog is because I like to share my thoughts and interact with people.

Pragmatician said...

I used to love wrote short stories, unfortunately I don't have as much imagination as I used to.
Let me know if the guy with the insomnia got the help he needed!

Lvnsm27 said...

Prag, yes that boy does get what he needs.

Btw everyone, I finally found it. I still want to edit some of it, but I'm glad that I have it and don't have to think of how to start it again.

ClooJew said...

You need to follow the "brick by brick" method of writing. It's awesome. And it got me up and running.

But ideas you need to have on your own.