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Sunday, September 18, 2005

So Cute

First some backround before the story. Recently, some shabbos ago, my mom told this story of when she was recently looking after my nieces. She was at my sister's house with the two girls, and at first the girls were in the den and she was in another room. Then they came up to her and said that they want to ride their bikes to grandma's house(their father's mom who lives near). And so they go to the garage, put on their helmets and then get on their bikes. And because my baby nephew was at the in-laws house, my mom took the stroller with.

And off they went. My nieces riding ahead and my mom walking with the stroller. Then the girls were at the end of the block and waiting for my mom to come. The older one then got off her bike, walked back to my mom and took the stroller. When my mom got to the end of the block, my older niece said that they will continue riding to the house(which was around the corner) and then she will come back for the stroller.

Kids do the cutiest things.

Then at the in-laws, my nephew was put into the stroller, and my mom and nieces and their other grandma went to the park which is close by.


Pragmatician said...

Hey it's nice to read about Mechetonms that vsiit each other.

Lvnsm27 said...


Pragmatician said...

My parents and in laws,living in the same town, see each other about once,twice a year.