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Thursday, August 11, 2005

We need to practice shemiras haloshon

Our words can be used for good or for bad. When used improperly, they become weapons that harm. Even things that seem small, could still have an effect. We don't realize the power and conseqence our words have. And when we are not cautious with our words, we don't just hurt the subject, we also hurt the listener(b/c we're causing them to sin by listening) and ourself(b/c we bring bad things on ourself when we speak badly).

There are times when we need to say something though, and so when that happens, we have to follow the guildlines of toeles. And we can't do that if we don't know what the guidelines are. And so we need to try and get a hold of this information, in case we need to say something about someone, we can do it without doing an aveira.

Here's a couple of options

or subscribe for free emails at
and put in the subject box, 'subscribe'

Think of the impact that our tefillos would have if they were not constently blocked by our loshon hara.


ClooJew said...

An important and, lulei demistafina, timely message.

Manny said...

Thanks, i didnt know I could subscirbe to a lesson-a-day. I'm starting to feel that blogging can really help impact in a large way, one small Jew at a time.
Every jew is a world, we must be sensitive to that, and not hurt anyone.
Thanks for the info

Lvnsm27 said...

glad I can help