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Monday, August 22, 2005

Knowledge and Emunah

We need both.

Knowledge we need because it helps up to understand how and why to believe what we believe. It is much easier to believe something if we know why to believe it. And there IS information out there.
Those who really want to have a good foundation but just need information in order to strenghthen their emunah will keep searching for the info. until they find it. If you seek info. though and have a difficulty getting what you want, don't give up, the info is there. Of course, sometimes, you can get a bunch of answers, and you still want more. That's why we need both knowledge and emunah. Knowledge to help us comprehend certain things, and emunah because we can get all the info. we want but if we're not willing to look beyond the physical, then the info. won't help if we don't allow ourself to peer through the physical and see beyond. Knowlegde and emunah go hand in hand.

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