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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


A while ago I made up a story that had a couple named Emily and Sean/Shawn in it.

Okay, and so this past evening, I was talking to this guy that I'm in a relationship with and part of the conversation was about different names that we like and pretendingly choose for ourself. After saying different names, I said Emily and guess what he said, Sean. How odd is that?! I was shocked. Out of so many names to pick from, he said that one. It was like a sign or something saying we Are that couple.


Pragmatician said...

Maybe there's a couple like that in literature on in a movie, and subconsciously he reacted to that?

It could be an odd coincidence too:)

Lvnsm27 said...

I'll go with odd coincidence. :)

ClooJew said...

It is odd enough that if you marry him, it's a sweet story.

But don't go ahead and marry him BECAUSE it's a sweet story.

I was once dating a girl and we went out to eat and had sandwiches. She didn't finish heres and wasn't sure if she needed to bench or not. I suggested that I bench out loud and be motzi her. "Oh, so you'll have me in mind?" she said.

I looked right into her eyes, smiled and said, "I ALWAYS have you in mind."

She dumped me the next week.

Great story! No shidduch!

Lvnsm27 said...

thanks for advice.

don't worry, I wouldn't marry someone just because of a coincidence that happened.

If I do marry him, it will be for a good reason.